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How Does Smart Home Make Your Life Easier?
As we all know, smart home or home automation is a new industry in the 21st century. Its a fresh concept to many people. But how does it make our life and work easier? How does it save our living cost? And how does it protect our elderly and kids? Lets take a glimpse.
Convenient Control and Simple Touch
Just with your cell phone, you can control your home appliances remotely. For example, when your elderly and kids forget keys when going back, take it easy, just with a call of household members, they can help make the door open on their cell phones, even though from thousands of miles away. Besides, our smart home devices can help you get rid of too many remote controllers. Just with your cell phone only you can enjoy the happiness and convenience of life.
Low Carbon Combustion and Saving Your Energy
Compared with other wireless technology, our smart home ZigBee technology has it unparalleled advantage in low energy consumption! Based on energy-saving ZigBee technology, our products can run at least 2 years with the ordinary AA batteries; which enables you to enjoy prolonged fault free operation with long battery life.
Easy installation with Abundant Network Nodes
WWE ZigBee wireless products feature the benefit of easy installation and integration.  Just with few presses of the
Set Key, the device hooks into the ZigBee network. If the power is off, our devices can reconnect into the network automatically, so you dont need to worry about blackout. In terms of network nodes, ZigBee has its unparalleled advantage; about 65000 network nodes can totally support you to fill in the network with the devices you prefer.
So, thats a major reason why our WWE smart home devices utilize the ZigBee wireless communication protocol in general. We believe that this technology will turn to be the major trend of the smart home in the future.
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