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*  Guard Patrol System(Police, army, airport and ports etc)
*  Security guards Service Company
*  Factory, equipment and machine supervision
*  Hospital Hotel, residential area, forest and industries     patrolling and guarding etc
*  Elevator regular maintenance and vending Machine checking system
*  Railway, oil pipe, gasoline facility regular checking and maintenance management



2.Low power consumption

3.Long battery life

4.USB connection 1200-19.2kbps

WWE-3000EF is advanced guard tour system More robust and low power consumption.
It's pretty easy to operate by this guard tour system
WWE400+ Security Patrol System without the use of keys, auto-reader mode design. Equipped with sound, Led lighting, vibration triple success prompted reader, convenient and practical in any occasions. Encoded with different points of the patrol were placed in the inspection of the equipment or lines, and installation of code and the corresponding locations on the computer is set up. Patrol officers’ hand-held wand inspection in the inspection process with patrol near point rod 5-12CM. Will read the time, place rods kept in patrol, management staff will insert USB stick with Patrol data lines connected to the computer through the application of computer software will stick Patrol inspection data read into the computer archive. Management staff at any time could analysis, processing, statistics, production of statement; provide a scientific, accurate assessment for the managers.
1. Imported industrial grade devices ensure normal operation of long-term power.
2. Solid alloy casing has strong ability of anti-tempering.
3. Internal closed-wide flexible glue, waterproof, cushion.
4. USB2.0 high-speed communication design, communication speed is 100 times of the serial communications, data read 20,000 in 1 minute. No button, automatic card reader, convenient and practical.
5. Sound, LED lighting, vibration triple prompted reader.
6. The appearance of size is 130mm * F25mm, equivalent to the fist length of ordinary people.
7. Equipped with large capacity of 2000mA Li-ion battery, one time of electric charge, for readers up to more than 500,000times.
8. Card reader technology: Switzerland EM sensor reader technology.
9. 4M Flash memory: data storage recorded the largest number of 30,000.
10. Security: 30 years data retention after Power-down.
General Description
Product Features
  Model   WWE400+ Security Patrol System
  Card Type   RFID 125KHz card
  Influence Distance   0-6 cm
  Storage type   4M Flash memory
  Log capacity   50000
  Operation temperature   -40 Deg C ~ 70 Deg C
  Operation humidity   0% ~ 95%
  Waterproof protection   IP65
  Communication   USB2.0
  Basic function   Sound, LED lighting, vibration triple prompted reader
  Power   3.6V/2000mAH Lithium Batteries
  Life span   700,000 times, (More than 10 years)
  Software   Support win95/98/2000/XP,support Access,Sql server database. (Customization Available)
  size   130mm * Diam: 25mm
  Weight   150g
Product Specifications
WWE-6000C Guard Patrol ruggedized Patrol inspection, inspection point wireless sensors collect information, configure your wireless data download downloading data base, 4M large memory, can store 30,000 records in a row, the battery has a long durability, resistance to water throw performance in harsh environments, suitable for large-scale industry, government, high standards of management institutions to provide high-quality equipment inspection management system.
1.Press switch button when reading data, no need to touch and never be worn
2.Sound and light prompt when reading successfully
3.Low battery alarm function, data full alarm function
4.With mini USB port, USB cable to download data
5.Low tiny-power consumption, very low static state electric current
6.Scientific accuracy, ease of use, compact appearance, no wiring
7.Intelligent LCD shows current time and ID number
General Description
Product Features
Product Specifications
  Model   WWE-6000C Guard Patrol with LCD display
  Card Type   RFID 125KHz card and tag
  Influence Distance   1-6 cm
  Storage type   Flash memory
  Log capacity   30000
  Operation temperature   -40 Deg C ~ 50 Deg C
  Operation humidity   0% ~ 95%
  Communication   USB
  Basic function   Sound, LED lighting, vibration triple prompted reader
  Power   3.6V lithium battery, can work for around 2 years
  Life span   200,000 times, (normally more than 3 years)
  Software   Support win95/98/2000/XP,support Access,Sql server database. (Customization Available)
  size   146(L)*41(W)*25(H)mm
  Weight   250g