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WWE Panic Button
Model: WWE-HA-PB
WWE Hang Emergency Button has emergency alarm triggering function which can help you to call for help at the crucial moment. Based on ZigBee/SmartRoom, no wiring required. Mainly used when elderly and children are alone at home, they can press the button to alarm in case of emergency. Family member will receive the message through the smart phone or ipad, and deal with it immediately.
In addition, it can also be applied in systems like monitoring , smart hospital, smart hotel and building.
Product Features
Product Specifications
Supports ZigBee/SmartRoom HA agreement
ZigBee/SmartRoom equipment types: terminal
Ergonomic design
Manipulation is simple and flexible, Easy to carry
Long standby time;
Communication Protocol           IEEE802.15.4(ZigBee/SmartRoom)
Power Parameters                    3V
Power Supply Mode                  DC 1xCR2450 Battery
Power Consumption/Current      DC 1xCR2450 Battery
Other Related Parameters:      
Output Power                           3.5dbm
Antenna Gain                           2.2dbi
Receiving Sensitivity                 -90dbm
Working Temperature               -10 deg C ~+55 deg C
Net Weight                              32g
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