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WWE Water Flood Sensor
Model: WWE-HA-FS
WWE water Flood Sensor uses the liquid conductive principle to detect whether there is water with electrodes and then transfers to a dry contact with a sensor. Alerts will be triggered when the probe detects water higher than 1mm and it can link the Wireless Water Valve to cut off the water supply. It is easy to install and operate and widely applied in kitchen, bathroom, etc.
Product Features
Product Specifications
Supports ZigBee/SmartRoom HA agreement;
ZigBee/SmartRoom equipment types: repeater;
Stable and reliable operation;
Detection sensitivity, data precision;
Communication                   IEEE802.15.4 (ZigBee/SmartRoom)
Communication Distance     100m (visible)
Power Supply                      Battery
Working Temperature          -10 deg C ~+55 deg C
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